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Here you can find the most common questions we get from our customers

1) Product Information

ISSE Textile Snow Chains are an alternate type of snow chain (or alternative traction device). They are not made of metal. Instead, they are made of a specially designed fabric, that covers your tires and helps to increase traction in icy or snowy conditions.

2) Product Use

The most important thing you should know, is that when it comes to driving on snowy and icy roads there are speed limit laws and guidelines for a reason. The top speed for snowy or icy roads is 25 mph. Driving any faster than that, can put you or others in grave danger, as controlling your vehicle becomes harder in such conditions (yes, even with additional traction devices). We always recommend that you follow your local laws and guidelines for driving on snowy or icy roads. Please be smart and safe, and avoid being in a rush when driving in snow or ice.

3) Product Details

Each package contains a set of 2 textile snow chains. This means that if you want snow chains for 2 tires, you only need 1 package. If you want snow chains for 4 tires, then you would need 2 packages.

4) Sizing and Installation

It all depends on how you will use them. If you need something for occasional use or emergency situations, go with the ISSE Classic. For more frequent and intensive use, go with the ISSE Super.

5) Shipping, Returns and other

We have Expedited (1 day), Priority (2 days), and Standard (3-5 days). Learn more about our Shipping Policy.

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Enjoy driving in snow again. ISSE Textile Snow Chains are easy and quick to assemble, safer and friendlier with the environment.

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