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Slippery season is open. Allowed for everyone except your car.

ISSE is a world leader in the manufacture of textile chains for tires of all types of vehicles: passenger cars, vans, 4×4, trucks, buses, and industrial machinery.

Featuring its patented technology, ISSE's textile snow chains have been specially designed to optimize the grip properties of tires in icy or snowy conditions.

ISSE's commitment to high quality has contributed to its global reach, with presence in markets across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. The company is also the manufacturer of textile chains for brands such as Goodyear, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo Group, König Chains, Lampa, Bottari, among others.

The textile snow chains are made of a specially designed fabric that help to increase traction in icy or snowy conditions. Shaped to cover the vehicles tires, the fabric absorbs moisture and then drains it, increasing the friction between your vehicle tires and the surface below.

Approved by California DOT, Colorado DOT, and Washington DOT.
Other certifications: TUV 11.11.2005, Onorm V5121, B26, LEITAT Report 219914, RAR Certification.

A Company with History

ISSE, founded in 2003, comes from an extensive textile tradition being the third generation of a family company. The idea of designing this product was born when we observed that in winter, the ramps of the textile factories, when the temperatures dropped, were freezing.

This prevented the wheelbarrows from climbing the ramps since the wheels were skidding.

To solve this problem, a textile blanket was extended so that the tires of the trucks did not slip and could enter the factory.

This is where the idea came from. We made the prototypes and they worked perfectly. We continue to study options in depth and perfect the product until we find the composition of high tenacity threads with which we currently work.

Address: 3302 Canal St. Suite 62, Houston, TX, 77003

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